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For Shiny and healthy hair...
do you know how they say that cold water is great for the hair and helps make it shinier well for this home remedy you are going to start with :

1: Microwave for 20 sec: 3 capsule of vitamine E, 2 tbp of mayonaise and 1/2 a cup of olive

2: put the mixture in the mixer at high speed for like 10 sec

3: Pass some ice on your hair( you know how they say cold water is better fo your hair and it makes it shiny do you know any colder water then ice lol)

4: apply 30 min before shower, when in shower star with runing water for a while and then do about 2 shampoo massage the shampoo until it makes a lot of mousse

do this i'd says 2 a month and your hair is going to be great

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I ruined a pot trying to heat the capsules in olive oil!! BEWARE... What a waste of time and energy


They teach grammer in grade school...


You are suppose to open the Vitamin E capsules and empty the contents into the solution then heat it. DUH!


The ice before you shower wouldnt work? Because the heat from the shower would just reopen your pores...

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