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I Have Had warts for the past couple of years now, they began on my thumb, gradually becoming bigger, and then spread to other fingers, and my feet, i had been going to the dermatology department to get my warts froze for 6 months *which was EXTREMELY painfull* and it didnt seem to be making a difference. my friend who is only 7 had warts on her face, hands, nose, eyelids (practically everywhere) and she began a home remedy in which you would open up a runner bean, and rub the inside of the skin onto the warts twice a day. THIS RELLY WORKS! she cleared up within 3 weeks!! so i decided to try it, and it is working wonders. the wart begins to go black, and you must file it every day also with a pumice stone, or a normal file, to reduce the wart becoming bigger. after time, you will be able to pick it off as it will just look like hard skin! so then i just kept applying the runner beans to make sure it was completely gone and now I HAVE NO WARTS =] I would highly recommend this to anybody... GOOD LOOK !!

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Runner beans contain traces of a poisonous lectin Phytohaemagglutinin and hence must be thoroughly cooked before consumption. this is possibly why it is killing the wart?!

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