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im not promoting this, but smoking cannabis can relieve almost any pain known to man including a dreaded toothache that no amount of ibuprofen, clove oil or any other remedies can cure. When used in the right context and not abused, it can be extremely beneficial and medically effective.

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Lynne you are on the right track. I had that happen to me. It was a lymph ode that was growing due to my bad tooth.


Hey guys so I recently had a fairly big accident at work where 3 of my teeth got knocked out and gums open and all the nasty business, anyway they put the teeth back in and we have to wait to see if my teeth get accepted back into my mouth or they will die I'm currently in a lot of pain and I just want to know if I could smoke weed to calm the fuck down, not necessarily smoking it to relieve pain but just because I enjoy to , would smoking weed have any risk of making my tooth die or would it be perfectly fine I'm also on a fee medications such as amoxycillin, metronide and condine painkillers I obvs wouldn't take the painkillers when smoking but would the weed affect me


Brandy helps !!! Get fucking smashed then smoke a spliff through a straw not convenient but if your a true pot head you always find a way to get high

Travis Kalchik

you guys are crazy haha, Look, Take it from the old timers,im 25 and i have done the research.>> Clove oil. Do not smoke anything for at least 72 hours after a pull* and even then, dont create the suction in your mouth. Dry socket can follow you around for months, and also contribute to infections. if you smoke cigarettes.. and you have tooth pain. Stop smokeing them!! trust me they are the leading cause of all your current frustration. i quit for just 1 day.. smoked a pack a day for 8 years, ended up with tooth problems and jaw/tooth/Mouth throte infection's in different combanations.. I saw an immediate difference after i stopped smoking cigs for just 1 day!... i was also able to test the mary jane, and guess what, if your not eating it or its not in oil form, it will also disturb your mouth, this goes for vapes as well. Basic rule of thumb, stop putting smoke into your mouth, no matter what kind because it will disturb the membranes in your gums. if you need a pain reliver, guys.. origel/ibprofin/NO heavy Pills/Warm cloths/cold cloths/SLEEP/cut sugars out of your diet/cut carbs out of your diet.. If your in the pain i assure you there is NO quick fix, you have to start taking the time to love your body again.


I can truly say that bud helped my abcessed tooth pain. My jaw swells up but when i smoke it takes away so much pain and im able to eat and chew because i wasnt able too with all the pain so bud does help but like any other thing its not for everyone.

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