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im not promoting this, but smoking cannabis can relieve almost any pain known to man including a dreaded toothache that no amount of ibuprofen, clove oil or any other remedies can cure. When used in the right context and not abused, it can be extremely beneficial and medically effective.

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I disagree, I have been a smoker for 15 years now and have had close to if not more than 10 really bad infections, and smoking has never helped with the pain. If you smoke enough it will help you sleep through the pain, but not for very long. The only thing I have found that works is antibiotics and pain pills. Ibuprofen, not tylenol.

amy fallon

I smoke every day. and it does not take away the pain. it seems to make it worse but since i cant stop smokin i guess i can deal!! lol


Smoking pot is NOT a good idea. It can actually make the pain worse by raising the blood pressure in your head. I tried. When other remedies helped, I would try to smoke a little to relax and the pain would come back almost instantly.


WRONG!!!!! i am an constant pot smoker, but in no way does it do anything to relieve the pain from an absessed tooth.. the ONLY thing it does it keep me from ripping my jaw off by calming me down just barely enough, so i do recommend pot, for daily use, for medicinal use, but for this kind of pain. last time i went to the dentist, the nurse almost cried when she saw my teeth and realized how much pain i was in, but i still got turned away when they realized i had no money. do anything you can to fight the infection, cause it will kill you if enough of it finds your bloodstream, lie, cheat, steal.

No Thank You

Here, here!


verry verry sneaaaaky. im gna smoke a fat warhead to myself now n ease the pain bledrins!!! brap brap!!
in a corna in a in a corrrna too many man say in a corna!!!!


Just thought I would mention this cuz my tooth hurts and I have my medicinal card for marihuana. Their are two strains which help with debilitating illnesses and in this case cannabis indica would beyond best bet for a toothache because that strain is a vascular dilator. Cannabis sativa is a vascular constrictor. So indica would make those nerves open and not stop the pain but ease it. I recommend going to your dentist asap especially if you have an abscessed tooth. I have to wait 4 days to see my dentist and I have 3 I relieved my pain with indica and aspirin... I hate pills


My teeth hurt so bad to where I'm shgakin and crying I have no way of going to a dentist
I went to the hospital wnj and they were dicks to me..get Med for it but I was woundring can whisky help toothache as well pot because though it helps me sleep and make me forget about it


Just tried it, after gargling Listerine, and taking Tylenol didn't subdue the pain. Just a couple(2) hits set me into a numb state of relaxation.


I was working out in the gym and developed Tendinitis (also called tendonitis, tennis elbow) which is an inflammation or irritation of a tendon, a thick cord that attaches bone to muscle. I was prescribed some medicine but did not take it because it has side-effects. As someone who is in his second year of a Ph.D. program for natural medicine I chose to use medical marijuana (sativa) along with a brace for the tendon. What a difference, what a relief. I have not changed my workout; but taught myself to focus on how I am working out.

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