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im not promoting this, but smoking cannabis can relieve almost any pain known to man including a dreaded toothache that no amount of ibuprofen, clove oil or any other remedies can cure. When used in the right context and not abused, it can be extremely beneficial and medically effective.

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i think what your saying is most accurate because ive tried smoking weed for a couple of problems and it helped eas my pain!!!


I just might have to try that! Does anyone know if an abcessed tooth would cause a big lump to form right underneath my EAR??? I thought it was an ear infection, but I am starting to wonder if a tooth might be the cause!

lala land

I agree.
marijuana is prescribed so often now in the medical field. Not only do I believe it is beneficial in a pain management, but also it is NOT a artificially made drug with many negative side affects. Nor can it be abused in more serious ways like other drugs. Marijuana is a natural plant not man made. Enjoy!


This actually works!! Just don't take too big of a hit, because the coughing might make your tooth or mouth hurt !! :o)


well i just smoked and my pain isnt gone. could be from all the coughing. maybe i should try some lower quality herb


pot doesn't always work on teeth, in fact it's been making mine worse, becuase it hurts when the air goes over the tooth.


Not true, Yes it will help with somethings. Toothache's are not one of them. It's pretty much a bad idea. I've een smoking 30 years and never has it helped a toothache.

my name? Yeah right you must be crazy

Smoking pot will not help relieve a tooth ache, but it helps ease your nerves and make you a little happy while your tooth is throbing. It makes the pain a little more bareable. I recommend smoking and taking tylonol 3, I usually end up taking ibiprophin too lter on if the pain is still there. Just make sure you eat something so you don't get sick to your stomach. If you do all three of these things it usually works. Only take the reccommended amounts of the pills, because you will feel like crap.


Smoking weed is helping ease the pain of my tooth ache right now. I have two wisdom teeth growing in and the one on my right side is incredibly painful. So while I'm waiting for my insurance to kick in, the best thing for me right now is to smoke. Perhaps it doesn't help everyone, but it has surely help me, hands down!


When years of anti-inflamatory medication made it no longer safe to use them, I had the choice of aceteminophen (useless) or narcotics (codine, vicodin, etc. Sorry, none of them for me please.) I had two teeth removed yesterday (one abcessed)and vicodin didn't work, two Tylenol 3 (codine) didn't work and it was smoking cannabis that took the pain away. CAUTION: Inhale from the back of the throat and not with the cheeks! If you suck in on the cheeks, you risk removing the blood clot formed to protect the socket while it is healing, thus causing a 'dry socket', which I am told is a very painful ordeal.

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