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Everything you read here works. I had the worst yeast infection..It was so bad I cried every time I went pee

So here is what you do to get rid of a yeast infection.

1. Eliminate ALL sugar in your diet. Anything you eat or drink with sugar in it has to be gone! Yeast feeds on you need to starve the yeast. After your yeast infection is gone you should also watch how much sugar you eat or drink. Because is you never eat too much...The yeast beast will never come back.

2. If your yeast infection is very painful. You should use one big fresh clove of garlic. Just put it inside your vagina. Not too far though. Leave it for a few hours or overnight. It relieves the pain pretty quickly. But you still need to do other stuff to completely get rid of the yeast infection.

3. You need good bacteria in your body now. So you need Acidophilus. I take Natural Factors Women's Multi Probiotic with Cranberry. Take 2 a day. Then after your yeast infection is gone..Keep taking it to stay healthy. Your body needs good bacteria.

4. You need to wash your vagina with salt. Not just any type of salt. I use Mountain Gold 100% Natural Himalayan Crystal Salt. Put a about 1 teaspoon or a little less into a mug and pour hot water(as hot as you can take)into it. Then go into the bathtub and pour it on yourself and wash the inside of your vagina. Make sure it gets inside. If you can't do it that way just fill up the bathtub with hot water and pour the salt in there and lie there for awhile. If you ever feel the yeast beast is coming back just use the mug and hot salt water and wash the inside. Also its great to wash everytime after intercourse with the hot saltwater. Dry the outside thoroughly.

5. Then you need Aloe Vera. I used JASON
Aloe Vera 98%. Just dab a bit to the outside of your vagina. Not too much though.

All these things that I use can be found at a Health store called The Nutrition House. I cant Guarantee that any other brands will work because I haven't used them.

Good Luck Ladies!

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Salt water?!?! I'm suddenly imagining what happens to a snail when you put salt on it. *runs around in circles screaming*

Yeast Infection

I think the remedies written over here are worth reading.My friend has been suffering from this awful disease for a long time now.She has tried these remedies and have benefitted as well.


can u just pput regular salt in hot water . . . . will that work????

amber jansan

i just stumble upon this website about natural remedies

hope this was helpful



Go to the store and buy ANTIFUNGAL CREAM (use Clotrimazole Cream). Put some in your vagina (use something clean and long). Do that every night for 5-7 nights. Infection gone.

Note: ALL SALT IS SODIUM CHLORIDE... EVEN NATURAL SALT. The only difference is that manufactured salt is exclusively sodium chloride (Iodized salt has iodine for thyroid health... and yes iodine is poisonous in excess, but you also need iodine ...unless you like Goiters) and natural salt has other minerals in it IN ADDITION TO THE SODIUM CHLORIDE.

I thought that was common knowledge....


The only helpful thing in this article is the Acidophilus. Otherwise, go for the cream.




I found these tips proved very helpful. I followed your instructions and now I am so thankful my infection is gone. I also do the same as the other comment and use warm sea salt water and wash myself out after 'play' and have not had a yeast infection since. I did not want to use synthetic or pharmaceuticals so I am very grateful for this. Thank you!

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