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Everything you read here works. I had the worst yeast infection..It was so bad I cried every time I went pee

So here is what you do to get rid of a yeast infection.

1. Eliminate ALL sugar in your diet. Anything you eat or drink with sugar in it has to be gone! Yeast feeds on you need to starve the yeast. After your yeast infection is gone you should also watch how much sugar you eat or drink. Because is you never eat too much...The yeast beast will never come back.

2. If your yeast infection is very painful. You should use one big fresh clove of garlic. Just put it inside your vagina. Not too far though. Leave it for a few hours or overnight. It relieves the pain pretty quickly. But you still need to do other stuff to completely get rid of the yeast infection.

3. You need good bacteria in your body now. So you need Acidophilus. I take Natural Factors Women's Multi Probiotic with Cranberry. Take 2 a day. Then after your yeast infection is gone..Keep taking it to stay healthy. Your body needs good bacteria.

4. You need to wash your vagina with salt. Not just any type of salt. I use Mountain Gold 100% Natural Himalayan Crystal Salt. Put a about 1 teaspoon or a little less into a mug and pour hot water(as hot as you can take)into it. Then go into the bathtub and pour it on yourself and wash the inside of your vagina. Make sure it gets inside. If you can't do it that way just fill up the bathtub with hot water and pour the salt in there and lie there for awhile. If you ever feel the yeast beast is coming back just use the mug and hot salt water and wash the inside. Also its great to wash everytime after intercourse with the hot saltwater. Dry the outside thoroughly.

5. Then you need Aloe Vera. I used JASON
Aloe Vera 98%. Just dab a bit to the outside of your vagina. Not too much though.

All these things that I use can be found at a Health store called The Nutrition House. I cant Guarantee that any other brands will work because I haven't used them.

Good Luck Ladies!

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Also, DO NOT use Table Salt for the wash. In fact don't even eat table salt. Regular table salt is a chemical combination of sodium and chloride that is unnatural to the body. Himalayan Crystal salt is all natural. But can be expensive. SO use the Himalayan salt only for yeast infection washing. Use Sea salt in your regular every day cooking.


Wear loose cotton panties...And wear loose pants. Tight jeans are a No-No. Skirts are very good.


DO NOT use Over the Counter products. Such as Monistat or Canesten. They are very bad for you. They are too harsh for your body. And can be very messy. I've tried them. Ad warning you...DONT USE THEM!


Its a good idea to drink Cranberry Juice. Buy one WITHOUT any sugar. It will be very bitter. But its very cleansing...Very good for you.


Lots of Garlic in your diet will help.


I have been using hot sea salt water in a mug after every time I have sex...Now I have never gotten a yeast infection since.

I just put approx 1 tsp of sea salt into a mug and fill it up with hot water and sit on the toilet then pour it over myself and put my fingers in my vag to help get the salt water all the way in and wash everything out.





oh, and thongs are bad. do NOT wear thongs.


I have had a chronic/recurring yeast infection for several years-- I am 22, every time I go to the gynecologist, I am given yeast infection stuff, and have bought monistat a few times because of my yeast infection. This last bout, though, I read up on some information. Candida yeasts live in your gut, too much sugar in your diet and antibiotic use causes the yeast to overgrow. Then, the yeast can move elsewhere in your body other than the gut. A recurring vaginal yeast infection proves there is a yeast imbalance internally! Therefore, monistat only treats the symptoms, and if you are like me, your infection will come back in a few months. I started eating one clove of organic garlic in the morning, chopped, with a glass of water. I eliminated refined sugar from my diet (no soft drinks, cookies, or sugar in my coffee). I also started taking a probiotic, Accu-Flora Probiotic Acidophilius, about $6 at the drug store, because it has 5 kinds of bacteria in it. My symptoms of vaginal yeast infection immediately stopped, however if I stop taking the garlic (garlic is a natural fungicide which will kill candida) and the acidophilius for a few days, symptoms will return. Symptoms leave again after I start this regimen up again. It is so easy, and you address the problem from the inside out.


I'm a guy and I randomly came across this on google and it has officially scared the shit out of me! Garlic up the vag? That'll sure as hell keep the vampires away. It will also keep away the entire male species. Jesus damn christ what advice..

women are aliens!

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