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Dave M.

Simply put a piece of red meat on the area for a maximum of 24 hours. My wife, who had been told she needed surgery, did this and never (for 15 years)has had CTS again. Once she dropped a heavy wrench on her foot. In a couple hours, it was very swollen and black and blue. 6 hours of 'meat therapy' left only a very slight bump and the black and blue had completely disapppeared. We don't know how it works, but it does.

You must wrap it well with plastic and cloth to absorb the juices which come out of the meat.

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Dr F. Gollowitz

you are obliviously a Moron,I am a Doctor and there is no way in the world that hanging a potential piece of rotting meat will help, maybe if it was frozen yes.
but stick to Glucosimine and a bag of frozen peas

Kunwar Singh

This is totally not possible to cure CTS with a piece of red meat tied over wrist. I can not believe this. Try drinking boiled ginger water everyday to get relief.


Carpal ate my steak in the tunnel. NEXT!!


Doctor's know how to spell 'obviously' and they don't call people morons.


Not true Tori. I'm a nurse... I know. lol


Glucosimine? what is that? I couldn't find it in a google search, and i'm also in nursing school and just finished my pharmacology class.


glucosamine conrodant help relieve joint pain


Are you sure she didn't just have a sprained wrist?? I Ice my wrists quite often and it's pretty temporary. Placebo effect I suppose

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