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i apply salt directly to my canker sore right before bed. it burns but by morning its usually gone.

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thats what i do. yea it burns to high heaven for a minute but it seems to work fast, though i have 2 right next to each other in the same spot. nothing seems to be working. i still use salt to numb the pain for a while.

mckellar the medic

try numming it with a liquid called kanka,this really works.just apply the liquid on and then put the salt on within 5 minutes if you do not do this within 5 minutes it will burn.


salt seems to work i use it every time i get one which is ALL the time :[ i feel like the salt numbs it and seems to really help


Salt don't work for crap, just burns like hell and does nothing


But if you swish around warm salt water, twice a day and use KANKA it helps relieve the pain and shortens the length of the sore.

I get sores from eating fruits... damn you pineapples for being so good!!


This is an awful remedy! Salt is the cause of canker sores, you silly people. Haha, no wonder they keep coming back for you, because you put salt on them! Bad idea.

Not Stupid

Brittany, you're an idiot, and here is why:

'</b>Doctors don't know<b> what causes canker sores, but they may be triggered by stress, poor nutrition, food allergies and menstrual periods.'

- Taken from familydoctor(dot)org.

Trained medical doctors don't even know, so what makes you think you do?

So salt may help, or it may not, point is, know your facts before you post!


Yes salt works but burns like hell.. i just apply the salt no water been doing it for years.


ive been getting canker sores forever and salt is the only thing i do to take them away. put salt directly on before bed and it hurts like hell but the next morning its usually gone. oh and salt isnt the reason for cankers, my doctor told me so after i heard it was maybe caused by acid. my doc says is mainly stress related. people with anxiety get them the alot.


I don't know if this works yet but it sure does hurt bad is it worth it i hope so

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