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After shampooing, rinse with one part water and one part vinegar. Repeat in a week if the lice persist.

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after 45 minutes of having the vinegar in hair it did not kill the lives bugs. I would not recommend this at all.


The vinegar is only to remove the nits not kill the head lice


a person should never put vinegar in or on a 'persons' hair the acitones in the vinegar will dry and damage your hair.
causing split ends and makeing your hair feeling like.... hay.
aj hair care prof.


Look, my 4 step kids have had lice on and off for what seems like 3 years now and when they come to my house I do there hair with Vinegar and butter melted and mixed together and it works great. It kills the lice and the nits come off easy. Now if only I could get there mother to do the same, she wont even treat them, she just lets them live with lice!!


I am ready to try anything to be honest, we got rid of the lice only to find another one of my kids had it then it keeps going around odly enough me, another adult inthe house an the youngest child have not gotten them I am at my wits end. I will try the butter an vinegar tonight on all of them just to see if it works, aside from shaving all their heads I dont know where to turn anymore. The OTC shampoos have not done the trick an hundred or so dollars later we still have them...

Tired Dad

I use a LiceSantcher to keep my kids lice free. It vacuums the lice off the head, is reusable and best of all works. No lotions or potions needed
have a look at

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