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Leave olive oil in the hair and on the scalp for 8 or 9 hours to kill the lice.

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Absolutely! This is the method they use in placed like Israel… You MUST leave it on for a long time, though, like the mayo… I recommend at least 12 hours… overnight with a shower cap is a great idea… and a note on the shower cap thing… heck, ya gotta was the pillows and blankets anyhow!! Seriously though, just pin towels over the pillows, then they’re easily washed if they slip slide around while sleeping. One more note, the oils in both mayo and olive oil are EXCELLENT for the hair and skin anyhow, so consider these products for just keeping the hair healthy!


tryed this one I just end up a greasy drippy mess and still have lice out breaks after 2 months of toxic shampoos bagging up everything hours of nit picking lose of sleep and alot of tears washing everything over and over and going broke and crazy:(


Thank you for saying the olive oil didn't work! I've found research that says lice can go dormant and survive for over 24 hours underwater. I used all kinds of hair gels and hair glue to no avail for 4 months (along with vacuuming, spraying, washing in hot water, etc). I'm hoping the Listerine and vinegar has finally eliminated my bad infestation. Listerine burns a little at first but then cools down (use at least 2 hours, but I did it for 5 hours); then vinegar for several hours (I did it overnight).

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