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Shaina in AL

If you can get to a walnut tree, then pick a walnut and peel the green hull off around it. Apply the inside of the hull to the ringworm. My grandmother told me about this remedy, and it works!

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Yes, my grandmother used the same thing on her 10 children and it worked everytime. Amazing how much more nature and the native peoples know about cures than modern medicine (full of poisons and carcinegens).

Paul Beachem , KS

The green walnut WORKS, I worked at a State park in NC and had a real bad ringworn,one of the rangers saw it.He (old country Boy) took a green walnut and peeled the husk back with his pocket knife. Told me to put it on the ring worn. A dark sap ozzed from where he had peeled it with his knife. What he did not tell me was it burned like FIRE took me to my knees.NO ring worn within 12 hours GONE TOTALLY itching stopped at once. I plan to use it for my son wrestling team this year


thats so funny, i have ringworm right now n i called my grandma last night n asked her what to do. she said the same thing. n it does work im sure, but i cant get to a tree. so i am using clear nail polish. took care of 2 already overnight. now im trying it on the big one


Hello, I can honestly say that the green walnut does work. We have a cat in our home and I have two daughters and both of them get ringworms all the time. The juice from the green outer layer does burn the worm and it dies within 2 to 3 days.

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