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Shaina in AL


I got the borax and peroxide remedy off of here and I added a few more steps to be really sure to kill the mange mites.
First, take a bucket of warm water and add as much borax as you can until it doesn't dissolve anymore. Then add a few ounces of peroxide. Then on the side, get a bowl and make a paste out of the borax laundry booster and peroxide. Then sponge the dog completely with the borax-peroxide dip. After that, rub the paste all over the dog and let it dry. Finally, rub some petrolium jelly all over the dog, to smother the mange mites. This is very messy so keep the dog outside, and do not wash it off. Repeat once or twice a week until the mange is gone. This worked wonders for my white boxer who had hereditary mange. Before, his skin was very pink with sores, and almost all his hair had fell out. Almost immediatly his skin and sores healed and his hair started growing back.

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My puppy has dermodex mange, when i first saw signs she was loosing hair on her hind legs... so i took her to the vet which cost me 100.00 not to mention i am doing this alone an donly 18... so the vet gave me some pills called simplicef, they did do anything, so i decided to see another vet. i told them see had mange from the skin scraping. they didnt believe me! so they did another which also cost me then, they figured i was right! so this vet gave me invermectine.. i worked of a couple of i try to look online for sometime and i bought dermisil for pets. i am still waiting for it to arrive in the mail. now it is all down hill my dogs face bleeds everyday from scratching. her back has little holes in it from the sractching. over all it i cry every day seeing my baby like this and i dont have the money to fix it but, i am going to go out right now and grab the stuff to try the borax remedy!!

p.s. if i can give anyone some advise if you just found out ur pet has mange try the home remedy first!


can you mix the borax solution and the petroleum jelly together and save what u dont use up for the next treatment


I tried this on my Pittbull who had it. First I tried the vet, went for a couple of treatments it didn't show any progress. I found this website and tried the Borax treatment. Within 2 weeks she was almost cured, I kept doing the treatment at least once a week and now there's no sign of mange. This will save you a lot of money!!


My dog has mange. It sucks. Open sores and pink skin all over. We have tried everything. I would like to try this method.

What exactly do you mean by paste? can you explain in more detail the process!

Thank you.

David M.

My wife and I tried this home remedy today, and our puppy is now sick. She threw up, and is having liquidy poop. Can you please be very specific about the recipe, and can you tell us what we can do to help her feel better in the mean time?


This particular remedy looks as tho it goes fairly heavy on the borax. My thought is just because a little is good, does not mean that more is better.

In browsing around on the internet, I did not see similar remedies suggesting to use the amount of borax that was suggested by the original poster of this thread.


What happens if the dog licks the stuff off it's body??


IO have a seven yr old spayed female who looks like a Burmese Mountain Dog. This is her first year having mange and she has had it four times!
With over $1,000.00 spent at the vet in the last year for it, I was at my wits end in how to help her this time, since my income is 2/3 of what it was last year.
Anyway, to make a long story short, I am using peroxide and borax at 1 cup borax and 2/16oz bottles of peroxide per gallon. I dip all but her face in this and her hair is growing back rapidly after 1 1/2 weeks. Around her face I use the Nu-Stock and it is clearing up even faster, but she had so much on her body the Nu-Stock wasn't enough. In between I put the Nu-Stock on the spots she has bitten.

I just hope eventually the smell goes away.


i also have a white boxer. she is totally deaf. my boyfriend wont let me bring her in the house :( which may be a good thing so we dont catch scabies from her. but i feel so bad. with it being the middle of december, would applying the peroxide/borax treatment make her too cold and possibly get her even more sick? ive been to the vet and spent too much money on what he thinks is just an allergic reaction.

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