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Shaina in AL


This is not a complete cure, but it helps to reduce fleas. Add as much apple cider vinegar to pets water as you can without them noticing the taste.
The fleas don't like it.

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Danielle Dean

does this go in the drinking water or does it go in the bath water


it goes in their drinking water

pb&Js momma

This did seem to work before, I just could not remember how much to put in.


I wondered if putting some vinegar in their bath water would help. Have you tried that? As long as it isn't too much, it won't hurt them will it?


The apple cider vinager didn't seem to work at all on my dogs, and we were putting 3 tablespoons in the water bowl.


Vinegar, no matter how much will thin your animals blood, Its not a very good Idea if you ask me.. They will bleed to death internally, then you will really have problems....


Adding Apple Cider Vinegar (small daily dose) is a great way to boost the immune system.

Amy R

OMG!!!! This actually works!!! I have tried so many different things this season to control the fleas and reduce the discomfort of my dogs. I was really starting to worry about the effects of the many different chemicals so I tried the dishwashing soap. It was NOT Dawn but work FANTASTIC!!! Thanks so much!!! Im so so impressed!!! GREAT!

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