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Linda T.

Jumping on a trampoline for as little as 10 seconds has stopped my RLS symptoms 100% of the time for the past 6 years!! There are little 'jogger' trampolines (called 'mini-tramps') for only about $40 new (or $15 used) - the great thing being that they can be used indoors regardless of the time or weather! There's a super small one, only 30' wide, available called 'The Bullet' (from JumpKing). I am happy to have a a 15' trampoline at my backdoor (walk from trailer hallway directly onto trampoline - wonderful), which cost only $180. I highly recommend this for RLS, poor circulation, depression, and delightful suntanning. Hope this helps someone!!

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Giovanni DeMara

Wow, Thank You for such an uplifting remedy for RLS I will sure try it!
Happy Bouncing
Giovanni DeMara


I'm 35 / F. I've had RLS for years. I found if I take a walk before going to bed that the legs behave. No jerking/jumping and no weird sensations. So, I think for you & I - physical exercise that utilizes the leg muscles, and tendons fully works! thanks for posting.


LADIES try this it worked for me I had night sweats BAD and Restless leg syndrom and a lady I met told me to try 1200 I.U. of Vitamen D once a day and after 2 days both problems were GONE and have not returned.this is god sent information! If you are on any medications ask your doctor if you can take 1200 I.U. of vitamen D if you are a bigger woman you might have to take more. I am 5'5 130pds GOOD LUCK ladies I hope this works for you to! Sincerly,Veronica {}

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