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When i was younger i had a ton of warts. I had them frozen and they would come back. Getting them frozen hurts! Well, one day i was cleaning the kitchen floor with water and bleach. At that time I had a good dozen warts on my hands. Just days after that, they were shrinking and going away. I didnt understand it. But i thought it was the bleach so I told my little brother who had this HUGE one on his finger and we made a mixture of water and bleach in the sink and he had his hand in it for a few min. Well the same thing happened to him. So we told my mom (some on now we werent going to tell her BEFORE we did it :P), she also had a wart, although a little one :P, on her finger (I must of been passing around the disease lol), so she was skeptical but by that time I was even able to pull one off with out pain that was on my cuticle. So she did it and hers went away as well. I tell yea it worked for my family!

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I wrote this suggestion not that long ago. WEll, I just recently found a wart on the bottom of myu 3 year olds foot. Creeped me out. ANyways, I dapped a little bit of bleach on it with a qtip and put a bandaid on it. Did that for about a week and now its gone. Thank god...since I had a problem with warts when i was younger, they now creep me out to no end :)

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