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My first daughter, when she was a baby had gotten a yeast need anti-fungal cream to get rid of that nonsense.

My 2nd daughter..believe it or not, would get a rash from being wiped during every change. That took me awhile to figure out. I just stopped wiping her after going pee and used wipes only after bowel movements. She never had rashes like that again after that.

Recently my niece has had a diaper rash that would NOT go away. So after trying a little this and a little of that I used them all :P I mixed vaseline, anti-fungal cream together then baby powder on the bottom AND in the diaper. Gone in 2 days after she had had that persistant rash for months. I also discovered you can use triple antibiotic ointment instead of vaseline to help clear it up even better.

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I'm glad it worked for your second daughter, but wouldn't the acid from the urine cause a rash?

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