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I have been using herbs for years and have had pretty good success. Here is a very good treatment for outbreaks. Warning: this is painful and should only be used briefly. Also (if you can find an herbalist to assist you). Because this remedy is so strong I will also state that you should repeat the remedy rather than leave it on for any long period of time. I have used it and have almost eliminated my outbreaks. I used to get them and they would last for a very long period of time. Back then there wasnt anything on the market so I developed a cure using garlic and golden seal. it worked but took a week of painful treatments. Now generally I do two treatments and within four days the sores are almost fully healed and don't reoccur in the same spot. One last warning use this cure sparingly I have never seen an herbal product react to unhealthy tissue quite so dramatically and painfully. I have placed this on an open sore and almost screamed in pain. It is something akin to using a lit match only it last a little longer. OK here it is. The product is called Black salve and its main ingredient is bloodroot. It seems to be almost drawn to abnormal tissue. If it is applied to normal tissue I have not seen it react. However, if applied to abnormal tissue it can react very very VERY fast. It seem to shut off the blood flow to it. Use very small amounts to start with and read as much as you can about it before BEFORE you use it. I have shared this info with other people and warned them and then they just run off and use it with out listening to me and one in particular got a pretty big hole in his face once the sore dropped out. luckily it healed up OK. upon first use , use a cotton swab and dab a pin head amount on what you want to treat. when it begin to tingle wash it off and wait until the next day to see the reaction. Less is more. If you didnt get enough reaction, reapply the same amount and leave it a little longer before washing it off. This stuff can scar so never take it for granted. OH, if you are have gum disease take a tiny amount and brush with it once a week and I think it will cure it. I have brushed with it but I dont have gum disease so I am not 100% on this. remember it seems to only react to abnormal tissue.

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The Black Salve really works, but you do have to be careful with it or it will burn your skin. I have had H2 for 12 years and Black Salve has been the best thing for it. It burns the sores immediately, within 13 to 20 minutes.If you feel an OB coming, put it on and you will not get it. I hardly get an OB. I am also taking MMS2,6 months now, and this has also helped a lot. I started taking 5 to 6 pills a day and now I take 3 to 4. I will probably keep this up as a maintenance for a year then decide on a lower amount. You can also put some DMSO with Virgin Coconut Oil on your spine. I been putting it all over my front and back area. I also take hydrogen peroxide drops in my water- cell food is good, and I also do baking soda powder and lime or apple cider vinegar once a day to alkaline my body. Also, take your Lysine (2000 mg) and Lecithin (2,400 mg)
with your vitamins, this will help so much and should keep you free from OB for a long time.

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