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Wash hair with white vinegar periodically as a preventative measure.

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Soak in tub of water with the vinegar 1-3 cups dunking your hair then shower - wash and shampoo/condition normally. Your hair is so soft and clean afterwards. Great for general cleaning too, Ladies.


Can you use this on black hair particularly if it's relaxed


If your hair is relaxed, washing your hair with vinegar will weaken the relaxer.


My Mom used to do this, and it works amazingly well. Lemon juice does also, though you my need to dilute it so you don't get an itchy scalp. I usually put it on after the conditioner, leave it on a few minutes, then rinse it out. The smell does go away, and it's little bit of a sacrifice for super shiny hair.


english, please? don't use big words they confuse me. lol


I have tried this & did find that my hair was very soft & shiny afterward. However, it seemed to wreak havoc on my scalp & I ended up with greasy hair rather quickly afterward.

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