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Avoid foods rich in chocolate, oil, and refined sugar.

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Really????? Eating well helps??? Come on! I think we all learned this when we were what....11 years old???? How about a remedy!!!!!!!!


Actually there have been several studies that disprove this theory. If your skin breaks out when you eat a specific item, this is more likely the result of a food allergy than acne. If you suspect you have a food allergy, you should abstain from that type of food. If you suspect you have acne, your intake of chocolate will not effect it.


My god. What is it with peple always saying that chocolate makes you break out. If you really, and I mean really do your research, then you will find out that chocolate has nothing to do with it. Drinking coke and other sodas cause it, as well as greasy foods. Instead cut down on the greasy foods, drink 8 glasses of water a day, and if you start washing your face with an oil free mask scrub.




what we eat makes a huge diffrence, would you bath in chocolate or orange juice for that matter? you want your skin to be clear on the outside so you wash with soap or whatever and water well the inside needs to be taken care of just like the outside. i am not saying eat soap but yeah food does affect our skin.


I would bathe in chocolate! =D That sounds cool!

In all seriousness, my dermatologist firmly insists that sugar is equivalent to food for bacteria to grow and multiply, which aggravates acne. I don't really know. The suggestion that acne-related reactions to certain foods are only food allergies is interesting and probably true.


that is such an urban myth! It has been proved wrong SO many times.


actualy the people from proactiv say that chocolate and sugar stuff had no differnce in food...... oily food maybe like if you touch your face... but they dont make a differce


People from Proactiv don't know everything.

And chocolate nowadays does harm the skin. It has too many chemicals in it.
However, if you eat rich chocolate with at least 30% cacao in it, it won't affect anything and is actually healthy for you. Snickers, on the other hand, not a good idea.

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