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i always get annoying headaches,i decided to take a shower and wash my hair with my boyfriends two in one purt plus fresh shampoo, (i personally hate the way it makes my hair feel and look but i just wanted to get out of the shower quick and not have to do shampoo and conditioner) but any ways that shampoo makes you head have a cold tingly feeling and smells really good, i got out of the shower and my head still felt cool , and my headache, like magic was gone!! hope it works for you

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OMG! that actually work's you are amazinggg :) yay ! Thanks :D


I'm pregant, and I know I can take Tylenol, but I rather try a homeremedie without dosing my baby. So I tried the shower thing, and I was suprised. It really works!! I suffer from a headache or migrain at least two to four times a week. I use to take advil extra strength, but can't now. Thanks so much! I would recommend this to anybody. What's the worst that can happen? You get too clean! lol


I try something similar to this, but have never thought of using a tingly/cooling shampoo. I use peppermint oil and apply a little bit with a q-tip to my forehead, temples & neck, it gives the cooling affect that feels good and lasts for awhile.. it gives me a little relief for my migraines, and I smell minty fresh!

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