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Right now suffering from psoriasis I believe it's what it is(scratching nonstop which worsten and helps spread out). I had this few years ago and thought I got it from using old Jergens Petroleum Jelly (infested with micro fungus perhaps)found together with other body lotions under sink cabinet. This was few years ago. Now I am not sure what I applied on my skin...I suggest you throw away any beauty products 2 months old or more. But from doing research, I discovered being unhealthy and staying up late makes you vulnerable to skin allergy reactions. Also causing your body to dispose toxins through skin. I am not a food hungry eyes person. So I just eat whatever parents served and simply take supplements after--I mostly eat once or twice a day. But been weeks since I ran out of supplements...So I guess I have been vulnerable to rashes. To know if rash is going away, if it tends to flatten and spreads wide to levelling with unaffected skin.
Here's what I tried that works and didn't work:

1. Fragrance free lotion but gradually helps ease the itch and of spreading out. Safe-zone solutions if you got patience to waiting for days and days until rash goes away. Even using Sarna Sensitive (anti-itch lotion for Eczema and for other sensitive skin). Must apply frequently to avoid the pain.
2. Alcohol and Hydrogen Peroxide is a NO NO. I even mixed these together day after. Only swollens the rash--tends to severe the rash if skin is dry and too much chemicals.
3. Salt & water helps ease the pain but have not seen results whether if curing the rash. But minutes later back to itchy skin......
4. Vicks Vapor Rub does help ease the pain but minutes later....itchy skin again. But does help shed the scales on the rash--of mother rash it shows. Apply only less than half of affected body and wait until the freezing cold feeling disappears. Then apply on the other half. You would not want to freeze to death -_-

Here is my new attempt (hoping will work wonders):
Wash skin with very warm water. Then apply salt/water and let it dry. Then wash the crystals with warm water. Then use white plain vinegar and let it dry for minutes. Then wash it off again. Then apply Vicks. Or next day I will use Sarna instead of Vicks or Sarna and Vicks.

I will update soon.

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I did research and here is what I have found :

Oregano Oil and Psoriasis

Oregano is a commonly used spice for baking and cooking. It possesses antibacterial and antifungal properties, which may be helpful with some infections associated with psoriasis. Oregano oil can be purchased at most health food stores.

Many people have contacted the Psoriasis Foundation to let them know that use of oregano oil, either orally or topically, has helped their psoriasis. Oregano oil has been known to cause allergic contact dermatitis when applied to the skin.

We believe that oregano oil could potentially be a natural cure for psoriasis. The effectiveness of Oregano oil has reached Psoriasis Foundation, so effective that the foundation decides to publicize the feedbacks they received.

And also 95% of psoriasis patients they handled saw improvement when getting sunlight. Hope it helps us all ^-^


i dont think what you have is psoriasis. psoriasis is usually hereditary, and is sometimes triggered by certain things.
it does not spread w/ itching.
ive had it all of my life and that is how i know.
i can share make-up with other people and they do not get it and it is not con.
my suggestion is you see a doctor or derm.
your case might be con.


What you are describing isn't psoriasis, at least not if it was brought on by using an old lotion. That Psoriasis is not an allergic reaction ... it is an autoimmune disorder that is hereditary. My father has it mildly, and both my brothers and I have it as well.


I have found a miracle cream mixture for my psorisis, Zinc oxide and psoriasin gel which is coal tar, I squeeze two tubes of zinc with one tube of proriasin Mix it up and apply generously, let soak in, continue doing this till healing begins, once the healing starts, start using vitamin e oil to help with scarring. I hope this helps someone, it has been a MIRACLE for me and pretty darn cheap too!

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