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selena matlock

I occasionally find myself 'mysteriously' covered in bruises (usually the legs) went to the doctor and found that I do not have diabetes or blood pressure problems or anything else they could find in my blood. The Doctor said that it was a vitamin K deficiency (due to high levels of stress) and to take a healthy orange and wash it good and eat a small piece of the skin (somewhere between the size of a quarter and a silver dollar) no more he said. Anyway, it worked for me and I am grateful. I still have my battles with bruises, but I just go and buy an orange!

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Vitamin C applied on the skin does help.

Dr. Oz viewer

Yes Vitamin C and Vitamin K, but immediately after you bump yourself, apply a cold pack for 20 minutes and elevate the arm/legg where you bumped yourself. This will help the blood that spilled flow out quicker throughout the body.

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