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I shave my genital area regularly to prevent outbreaks and for some reason this works...

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That does not work


Doesn't work, an ex-girlfriend of mine had it and kept her genitals shaved all the time and still had periodic outbreaks. Shaving doesn't help. I imagine there must be something else the poster was doing that stopped the outbreaks and mistakenly thinking it was the shaving.


actually, if I dont shave I get an outbreak ... but as long as I keep the area down there shaved I dont ever get them. I know it is odd, but I do think it works for some people, and I do not understand how!


I had my first outbreak in August 2007 this is how I found out I had herpes. It was so bad it was in my urine track. I got a perscription from my doc, it went away in about a week and a half. Then 2 weeks later I broke out again, it irriated me more with my hair being there. Since then I have kept my vagina shaved and have not had an outbreak until today. I feel that keeping it shaved has prevented my outbreaks and I will keep it shaved I feel cleaner that way anyway.


I sometimes get irritated and then I shave, and I think it lets air get to the sore area. I think the hair holds moisture and sweat and causes irritation. Keeping the hair away helps me also.


i have shaved my area forever, it does not work. i still get outbreaks


Shaving your genital area does not stop you from having outbreaks. The virus is in your body not on the surface of your skin. Having a shaved genital area will help it heal faster though because it keeps moisture away and you're supposed to keep it dry. I had genital herpes since July 2006 and I am just right now going through my third outbreak. The first time was the worst. It was in my urinary tract as well but my doctor proscribed some gel that didn't work at all...

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