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Whoever posted this has my undying gratitude. I had a severe case of oral thrush because of antibiotic use for an abcessed tooth. I tried gentian violet, salt, baking soda, listerine, and garlic but it kept getting worse (to the point where I couldn't eat or talk). I tried this and got relief after a few days. The only things I would add are 1) Quit using toothpaste (there is something in toothpaste that aggravates thrush) use baking soda instead. 2) Microwave your toothbrush to sterilize it. I put mine in for two minutes on high. Be sure to put a cup containing some water in the microwave along with the toothbrush. Experiment with your toothbrush to be sure it won't melt--start with a short time. 3) Be sure you keep up this treatment for at least two weeks or the thrush could come back. I found it easier to make up a small jar of 1/2 milk of magnesia and 1/2 benadryl instead of mixing a small amount each time. 4) At the end of the two weeks throw away your toothbrush because you sure don't want to risk re-infecting yourself.
My thrush is totally gone thanks to this remedy.


When my children were small, one of them developed oral thrush. Then, of course, the others followed...sharing drinks, etc. Believe it or not -- my PEDIATRICIAN gave me this remedy to use! And -- it WORKED!


Where can you buy liquid Benadril? All that I find is capsule form.

Thank you!

S. , CA

I developed thrush from antibiotic usage. I happened upon this and tried it. It absolutely works!! After two days, my thrush has cleared up!


I had Thrush on my tongue, possibly from stress, and not getting enough rest. I, like you, came across this web sight through a search of Thrush. I have had Thrush before, and took an over the counter medicine to cure it. But I wanted to try a home remedy this time, just to see if it would work. Well, it worked, and it worked a lot faster then the prescription product I took the first time. This is what I did to fin relief from Thrush in 24 hrs, and complete relief in two days.

1. Stopped eating any products with sugar, and eliminated bread and grains from my diet.
2. Purchased from Target, liquid oral Benadryl and Milk of Magnesia. (mix 50/50 and swish in mouth for 2-3 minutes, gargle, then spit it out) 2x day. -also added the contents of 'Ultimate Flora' a pro-biotic, to this mix.
3. Took an oral pro-biotic. 'Ultimate Flora' 15 billion cultures per capsule. 1x day.
4. Brushed my teeth with a mixture of baking soda and apple cider vinegar.
5. 3x day I hate plain yogurt, you do not want to eat yogurt with sugar in it, as this will feed the yeast infection, which is what Thrush is. The yogurt I ate had only 5g sugar per serving.
6. Had my pastor, and friends pray for my healing. Christian, and born again by the grace of Jesus Christ.

My thrush was noticeably improved in less then 24 hrs, and was completely gone in 48 hrs. I decided to write this so anyone else in the same situation could be assured that this works!

A little about myself so you can make a better decision for your self: Age:44, Sex:male, weight:165 Occupation: Policeman


This really works...started soothing with first treatment. tried lots of remedies for thrush...none worked for me like this one. thank you.

Anna D.

Thank you SO much!!! This is a totally legitimate cure for oral thrush. Thank you thank you thank you!!!


i've had shown signs of thrush due to antibiotics since sunday night it's wednesday and it's gotten extremely worse. i just went to the store and purchased mint flavored maalox and benadryl... please pray for me that it works for me as well as it did for all of you.


yes!!! this absolutely works!!! thanks for posting this. my thrush like i said before was due to antibiotic therapy and i did the nystatin but didnt clear up till i started this remedy and cleared with in 3 days... full effect 4*5 days. thank you so much
i'm 22yr female, and have heard how this helped many others.


I tried the Malox and Benedryl mix, and it seems to turn my tongue whiter then it was, I did this for two days twice a day. My tongue was so white that I couldn't take it. How long does it really take for this to clear up? I just stop using it.

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