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Do not wet hair!! Leave it dry then use 100% rubbing alcohol!! Immidately put hair in a shower cap (or my family used wal-mart sacks tied in the back)Then let it sit for 20minutes to an hour depending on the thickness of hair Then rinse out hair throughly and use conditioner as usual to make an easy comb through!!! Do this about once or twice a week and they'll be gone for good!!!!!!!

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Well i really dont know if anything will work on my childs hair it is so thick she dont like it to be brushed but i have to because she has been getting this lice for months now and nothing seems to work we haventtried this yet. i am going to try this but i want to make sure it isnt going to break her out or nothing and it not dagerous to her head.


hi, my daughter has had the head lice since July it is now November and I'm about to rip my hair out. No one else is getting it and i don't understand why it keeps coming back, we've used everything, her hair is super thick and every-time i think I've got it all she gets it back I've tried everything I've read about, is there a sure fire way to get rid of the eggs without just shaving her head and quitting? she's 8 by the way.


I know the feeling!! My daughter is 7 and it seems to keep coming back also!!! I have used vinegar, cooking oil, alcohol, mayo, tea tree , rid nix walmart brand everything. I finally got rid of it cause i threw EVERYTHING away and started over when we moved and did her hair and now my sister moved in and her daughter has had it every since she was a baby now 5 and she dont seem to care!!!! I need something to get rid of and pevent it!! HELP!!!!!!


has anyoneused the rubbing alcohal yet does it work

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