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External piles were ruining my life... after trying everything, I heard that keeping them dry allows them to heal. So, I grabbed some baby powder and slapped some on. I kid you not, within 5 days, the piles had shrinked and within 2 weeks, they were gone!

Try it! If your piles aren't caused by diet, this should work! Even if they are caused by diet, changed that and then use baby powder. It can cause a little itchiness, but it's mild.

You'll thank me.

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Suffering from Piles

Can someone post a comment if this has worked for them? Thanks


Pure corn starch worked for me. I wouldn't use talc-based baby powder, or any ones with fragrances, etc. After two days of cornstarch application with every trip to the bathroom, I slept through a whole night without waking because of burning, itching, and general discomfort. This had not happened in months!


pure cornstarch worked eliminated the pain, discomfort instantly and there was a dramatic decrease in size within half a day.


This really worked I tried it last night and BAM the itching stopped and woke up today still nothing so YES this really works!! Thank You so much for sharing this.


I tried this after applying an ice pack to the area for about 15 minutes to get the swelling down. I used a fragrance free baby powder with Vitamin E and Aloe, this has worked better than the creams.


i thought i would go right thru the roof after trying this... yikes!!!

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