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For those of you saying to use Hydrogen Peroxide, I strongly advise that you do not. This is because Hydrogen Peroxide is a VERY powerful oxidising agent and if it is accidentally swallowed it could lead to death or loss of sight if it comes into contact with the eyes. Also it's pretty corrosive, which is definately not good for your teeth. But I do strongly advise you to use Baking soda as it is very effective, plus it's used in baking so it's not as dangerous if you swallow it.

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my friend tried the baking soda over your toothpaste but she has sensitive teeth n it works but if u have sensitive teeth don't use it b/c it hurts. But baking soda cant b bad unless u use it too much on the back of the baking soda box it says use it for teeth whitening. So idk so my advise is try it but not too much


3% h202 solution is what's available to consumers.

it's nothing like 100% peroxide (yes, this would be dangerous but not 3%)

3% peroxide solution mixed in equal parts with some tap water is fine for gargling.


look you people who say its going to kill you are stupid... dentists have reccomended hydrogen peroxide and i have been using it for a while.... so before you post something stupid do some research... and yes you could die but not by accidently swallowing it ... you have to literally drink it but who in their right mind would drink it?? hydrogen peroxide actually whitens teeth..


Actually, if you knew better you would know that you can use Hydrogen Peroxide to wash your mouth out. Many people use it as a mouth wash. Also using baking powder is worse than swishing Hydrogen Peroxide in your mouth. It states on the bottle that you can use it as a mouth wash. Just make sure you get one that has no more than 3% in it. It is safer and better for your teeth than baking soda - Baking soda will eventually ruin your teeth. ESP if you leave it on overnight. I have read some people have done that and although they may have white teeth now - trust me they wont in some years to come! Just use 2 table spoons of Hydrogen with a tiny bit of salt swish in your mouth for no longer than 2 min and spit out, brush your teeth after with your normal tooth paste (Only do this twice a day). Not only will you see results after seven days - your mouth and breath will be much better.


I actually just laughed out loud.

1. on HyPer containers, it clearly says it can be used as a mouth rinse.

2. Baking soda is NOT used for baking. It has completely different purposes.


One of our toddlers drank dome Hydrogen Peroxide once. We called 911, but when the paramedics got there they just laughed it off. 'Harmless in household diluted concentrations' they said.

Feeling a lot better

Everyone on this comment thread. Thank you so much for giving me such a good time. I haven't laughed so good for a long time. You guys are all so funny, I am not kidding, I really needed to laugh like this tonight. I have been feeling a little down, this really was great. Even to the poor miss informed people that kept insisting that H2O2 was deadly, I kept imagining your concerned faces, and others would just tear you it was awesome.

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