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For those of you saying to use Hydrogen Peroxide, I strongly advise that you do not. This is because Hydrogen Peroxide is a VERY powerful oxidising agent and if it is accidentally swallowed it could lead to death or loss of sight if it comes into contact with the eyes. Also it's pretty corrosive, which is definately not good for your teeth. But I do strongly advise you to use Baking soda as it is very effective, plus it's used in baking so it's not as dangerous if you swallow it.

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Ask your dentist what the ingredient in their teeth whitening emulsion is (like I just did) and they will admit that it is hydrogen peroxide!!


yeeeeah hydrogen peroxide (the kind you buy at your local drug store) is only 3% hydrogen peroxide. You know the crest white strips you can buy? those are up to 10% hydrogen peroxide. So for all you people who say don't use hydrogen peroxide to whiten your teeth do you use the crest white strips cuz if you do you are completely contradicting yourself as it is the exact same thing only more highly concentrated. Personally washing your mouth out with peroxide after brushing does wonders for whitening and is a much more inexpensive way to get the exact same results as the white strips.


look atthe label on the back of the bottle. it states clearly thatyou may use it in your mouth.


okay so i totally agree with everyone bout the percentages...duh its safe or they wouldnt use it at the DENTISTS OFFICE!

and to the freak who keeps posting the same thing with his 'friends' email them a favor and stop..k?

my goodness


yall are alll stupid. you obviously arent gonna put a strong peroxcide in your mouth,but if you want to that's your choice. so how about all yall just shut the hell up!


My sister did it and got amazingly white teeth after her teeth were brown from something. Yes it is a poisin, yes it can kill you, so you have to delute it! And you have to do it right!


You are an idiot! If you read the side of the bottle, you will see it can be used. No you don't swallow it but it also says that on the side of the bottle as well.


People will do as they will but I have never found any evidence of someone rinsing their mouth with peroxide and dieing. Someone please show some evidence to back the statements of death or powerful chemical. I have been rinsing with peroxide for years and I assure you that I'm not typing from the grave.


Hydrogen Peroxide is safe to use in your mouth. One of its uses is as an oral debriding agent. In other words it cleans out wounds in the mouth and it can be used as a mouthwash. Of course, u can't swallow it just like toothpaste and regular mouthwash. This is for the 3% of couse, which is the one u can pick up in drugstores. This is also what the whitening strips use to whiten the teeth.


hydrogen peroxide is safe and effective if used as directed. there are many OTC products available that use hydrogen peroxide as their active ingredient.

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