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For those of you saying to use Hydrogen Peroxide, I strongly advise that you do not. This is because Hydrogen Peroxide is a VERY powerful oxidising agent and if it is accidentally swallowed it could lead to death or loss of sight if it comes into contact with the eyes. Also it's pretty corrosive, which is definately not good for your teeth. But I do strongly advise you to use Baking soda as it is very effective, plus it's used in baking so it's not as dangerous if you swallow it.

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Peroxide is perfectly fine to use. Actually, it is used in most OTC teeth whitening products. I've used it myself with no adverse effects. I wasn't consistent enough to determine the effectiveness, though.


forgot to add that most bottles of peroxide sold at your local grocery/drug store list directions right on the bottle for using peroxide as an antiseptic rinse for the mouth. So, draw your own conclusions...:)


You need to realize that when people say to use hydrogen peroxide they're talking about the kind you buy at the store which contains only 2-3%. Its perfectly fine to use orally, my dentist even recommended it. So, people can stop freaking out about it, we're not stupid.


peroxide is used to strip hair color in salons however, the percentage, meaning strength , is considerably higher than what you will find in a standard bottle bought for medicainal purposes. It is medically proven to be safe for oral use.

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Hey just so everybody knows.... Smallowing tooth paste is probably just as harmful as swallowing the hydrogen peroxide. READ THE BOTTLE... they both say contact poinson conrol immediately if swallowed

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Ok, I am old and backward. I do not blog. I often read other peoples comments and reviews when making a purchase or for general information. I had recently read about using Hydrogen Peroxide and baking soda, but couldn’t remember where and thought I would look up the method. I really was saddened with all the profanity on this site. Is this normal?
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You dumbass! Peroxide will not hurt your teeth. It can be dangerous if swallowed, but guess what... don't swallow it. It even says on the bottle of peroxide that it can be used as a gargle as long as you dilute it with water. Before you go posting stupid crap, please read.(That is if you know how.)


It is safer when diluted with water, and does work incredibly well.


I heard mixing nail polish remover with toothpaste works wonders!


Most of the people writing that peroxide is a DANGEROUS CHEMICAL sound so ignorant that I don't know whether to laugh or cry. Stop writing in short hand, this isn't text messaging and I taught myself how to type when I was 12. It's not that hard to type a complete sentence using complete words.

My dentist actually recommended that I use hydrogen peroxide on my teeth for the purpose of whitening. 4 times a day for 2 minutes each time. Obviously it isn't going to kill you. He wouldn't recommend something with that kind of side effect unless he wanted a lawsuit on his hands.

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