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Hello, I've served the city of New Orleans, LA for almost 13 years as a paramedic. I have finished reading some of the input on the site and wanted to clear up some local myth's. Most common misconception... Once infected with Poison Ivey simply scatching can not spread rash. It seems to spread because the body react's to the poison at different rates. (2) Direct contact with plant or contact with object that hold the poison will cause spread. Scratching and bursting the blisters can and most likely will cause infection of the area. Remedies: A topical anti-biotic ointment such as benedryl paste will relieve itching as well as help heal any beginning infections. Clearing the infection site: The key is drying infected areas. Rubbing Alcohol works perfectly. Steps: If severe itching occurs apply benedryl to relieve itching, clear ointment and gently burst blisters and dry area with cloth, apply rubbing alcohol to area 2-3 time's per day. Use benedryl periodically to relieve itching. Rash will clear up in 1-2 day's.

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WRONG!!! You may be a paramedic but you obviously have NEVER had a SEVERE case of poison ivy!!! Let me tell you this --- I am 36 and NEVER had poison ivy until last year. I had it for FOUR straight months last year and NOTHING worked (including your suggestions!). I got it again this year just as bad and so did my husband. After battling it for two weeks and trying every over the counter medicine and even suggestions others had suggested (alcohol, vinegar, bleach, baking soda, etc) I went to a neighbors to do some internet searching for 'home remedies' and I found this site --- guess what ---- the salt idea is THE ONLY THING that worked!!!! I thank the family of the grandma who suggested it!


Ha! This suggestion is really not funny because someone will follow it and believe it. I don't. I am a nurse x 35 years. I am highly allergic to poison ivy and I too have tried every remedy suggested (except the salt) without lasting results. The fact is that it DOES spread when you scratch it. I know because I guarantee that I did not sit in it! I had it on my face and now it's on my hip where my clothing covered me up when I was exposed. When you open the blister the drainage gets under your nails and when you scratch somewhere else it abrades the skin and you are inoculating yourself with it. Bleach, soap, benedryl, etc all dry out the area and if it can stay dry and you can resist the scratching you have it licked. My physician made a concoction of benedryl, lidocain, maalox, and dexamethozone (steroid) which does not rid but makes it tolerable about half the time. I scratch in my sleep so when I get it it gets all over me. I'm trying the salt but a friend said to try plantain (the plant not the bannana) works real well. So that is the next thing if I can get my hands on some.


I get poison ivy, sumac and oak every summer, sometimes several times. The salt trick always works for me within days. I am tired of hearing doctors and nurses tell people that scratching does not spread it . I know for a fact that it does. Whatever they teach these people in medical school is a bunch of crap.


My 10 year old has poison Oak all over her arm and stomache. All the medicines I have tried and there have been several from benadryl, to Ivy dry spray, seem to make it burn to the point where she cant tolerate it. So far Diaper rash creme with zinc oxide has given her the most relief. I am going with granny next and trying the salt remedy.

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