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To relieve a tight or stiff neck squeeze your shoulders up towards your ears and hold for 10 seconds then completely relax and release your shoulders. It's like an exaggerated shoulder shrug. Do this 10 times and you will feel much better.

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Did not help me at all ):


did not work


lessens stiffness considerably.....


Thanks!feels better now!


it worked on my 2 day old stiff neck. Thanks for Sharing.


It did not completely take the pain away or loosen up my neck, however, it did more than anything else I tried - various exercises and ibuprofen. I think it took about 30% of stiffness & pain away. I kept doing this exercise through the day because it did bring some relief. Thank you so very much for sharing this exercise!!


Wow , I was in a lot of pain and was suffering. I was on my way to the emergency room, until I ran across this technique. It worked wonders. I was able to rest until I could get to my doctor in the morning. Thanks for sharing.


Wow still hurts but this definitely took the edge off! Thank you! Forgot how painful stiff necks can be!


Works for me and was very calming..thank you


Wow! It's magic ... Thank you for this tip!!! :)

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