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To relieve a tight or stiff neck squeeze your shoulders up towards your ears and hold for 10 seconds then completely relax and release your shoulders. It's like an exaggerated shoulder shrug. Do this 10 times and you will feel much better.

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It's the easiest quick fix solution, can be done anywhere and although not perfect - eases tension and helps movement. Saved the day for me.


good temporary fix! Bravo!!!

Steve W

Thank you
Short term fix
I know it is stress, got anything for the foggy head??? that goes with it??


Man, I thought my day at work was going to be hell. It still hurts, but I'm not so stiff anymore. Great Job! and Thank you.


Hey, it works!


Oh my.. I couldn't move all morning.. It's still painful but I can move


its the greatest every your a life saver


thanks, after three days I can finally turn my head without cringing!


didn't really work, and was rather painful to do. i'm seeing a chiropractor (sp?) for this issue, so maybe my situation is beyond this technique. sheesh, my neck hurts!


I used this technique and was so happy to notice improvements so soon. I was able to function at 80% 5 hres later

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