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Drink dandelion leaf tea for relief from tender breasts and swollen fingers and ankles.

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Dandylion leaf tea?? I heard that the leaves of dandylions are edible, but where the heck are 'youth' supposed to find dandilion TEA? Our parents would look at us and think we were crazy. If it works that's fine, but it's not something you'll generally find at home.


hey, mr. brilliant! I'm sure you have some growing in your yard. snatch up a few leaves and boil 'em!


Actually you can get dandilion tea at the healthfood store too...CRAZY, no?


Is dandelions safe to ingest


They sell dandelion greens at Central Market in Dallas - a grocery store.


Dandelion tea? I'm not sure about the States, but here in Aotearoa (New Zealand), there's plenty of dandelion on my front lawn that I can add to salads and as for dandelion tea - its in the supermarket/the grocery store!! Too simple.


Emilie alot of youths are going to have tender breasts because they are growing and so they become tender and sometimes sore so get your facts right before you go knocking people. You could of at least put it in a more polite way.. also people who are saying its not something you find in your home the person who posted this remedy didnt say you would find it in your home he/she just give you something to try so be grateful and dont slate people on trying to help you!!


Does it just work for growing breasts? I am 18 years old and aman E cup, during my periods i get very sore breasts but they are not growing any more. I also have sretch marks, would the dandylion affect this?


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