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You're going to think I'm crazy, but in my quest to get rid of self-inflicted hemroids and trying EVERY single remedy I could find, I started thinking about how heat had a positive effect on hemroids. So, if a hot sitz bath could shrink hemroids, what if I used a heat source to speed up the process? So, I grabbed a hair dryer and on a low setting and blew hot hair on them. I've done it once in the morning when I get out of the shower and then once before I go to bed. This reduced the size of the piles and the itching. Now, you might feel a little burning, but if it's too much, just stop and try again later. It might take a little while. It's taken 4 days for my external piles to reduce in size and now they're gone!

IT'll work for you too!

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'...and blew hot hair on them...'


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