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I for one want to say that Pepto Bismol works wonders.I didn't beleive it but my husband was telling me about it and I was like no way...Sure enough I tried it and oh my what a relief it was...I will never use anything else.All you do is apply straight pepto to your sunburn ,it will surely take the burn away and leave you with a great tan!

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Well I'm going to try this as I got sunburned in Daytona Beach during Spring Break fun fun right!


I tried pepto bismol on my sunburn today and let me say it takes the sting away fast.


I tried this on an awful sunburn i have on my shins, and although it was soothing temporarily, washing off the pink stuff was NOT worth the pain. You have to scrub so hard to get it off your skin that all of the soothing feelings were replaced with excruciating pink pains.

Also, my legs and palms were pink for hours.

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