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The best thing I found for eczema ( And I have it worse than anyone i have ever met ) is Equate hydrocortisone plus, with 12 moisturizers and aloe. It took only about a week and the rash and blisters were almost completely gone. It is fairly inexpensive (about 5 dollars a tube) and it works great. I do warn you all though, dont stop using it until about 2 weeks after symtoms are gone or it will come back strong. Eczema it INCURABLE so you symtoms will come back again, but when it does simply start using again.

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Eczema is NOT incurable!! I was born with it, and had a severe case of it for more than 30 years until I learned what to do to heal it through much trial and error. My prescription was: No dairy, eggs, wheat, corn, or refined sugar ever for about 1 year. Green vegetables and juice each day, plenty of water, and Bikram yoga several times a week. Now I can have those foods that I'm allergic to in moderation without any flare up. While you still might have more sensitivity than others to foods or environment, It is possible to heal eczema and have beautiful skin if you're willing to do the work and be consistent. FYI: Stay away from brewers yeast at all costs!


be careful using hydrocortizone cream its a steroid and it thins your skin, over time it can make eczema worse.

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