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Take a warm bath with four to five tablespoons of grated ginger. This will help open pores and expel toxins from the body.

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This does not work! I tried it on my 5 year old and within 20 minutes he's started complaining that his penis hurt. After that complaint he couldnt bare to be in the tub for 5 minutes because it stung so bad he started to cry. I checked it out when he was dried up and it was puffy and red. I applied vaseline and by the next morning it was back to normal. I WILL NOT TRY THIS AGAIN! I advise no one to try it.


Maybe you used too much ginger, because I just used this on my 2 year old son and it did bring the fever down. I used a tablespoon of powdered ginger instead of the grated, but it worked! From 103.9 to normal.

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