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I guarantee this will help some if not cure your insomnia. Eliminate drinks and foods containing Splenda, Nutrisweet, Aspertame, and Sugar Alcohols! Your better off with sugar.

Secondly, Grape juice and teas are better than sodas and coffee. Some Fruit juices and fruits have natural sugar sources. Substitue your prefered alcoholic beverage with red wine, and try to keep consumption to two glasses or less. No coffee after noon, switch to tea. Eliminate trans fats and pork. Diet and exercise improvements should be made even if small.

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I totally disagree. I eliminated all caffeine products from my diet 8 yrs. ago and I still suffer from insomnia.


I disagree with all you said


thats the cure to an unhealthy lifestyle not insomnia.


This is the part about apertame, nutrisweet, and sugar alcohols is 100% right. This is evil shit and most people do not understand what is does to your body, the drug companies want us to consume this shit so we buy more pills such as ibuprofin, tums, rolaids, malox, allergy remedies, etc....if the world new how much damage this stuff causes. 95% of all ailments are nutritianally related. Avoid nutrisweet at all cost.

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