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While in the midst of your leg cramping jump up from bed and walk around on the affeted leg instantly the cramps will begin to fade

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I get them bilaterally and this did not work. They are debilitating causing my big toe to disfigure and as far as jumping out of bed, this happens naturally. Who the heck could lie in bed and tolerate the pain?! Maybe for a mild cramp this works, but not for severe ones!!


This works for me for calf cramps, but not thigh cramps, which in my experience of them are 5 times more painful than the calf cramps. For the calf cramps, I stand and press my toes of the affected leg onto the floor (as if standing on tip toe to reach something, not the ends of the toes). I then carefully bring the rest of my foot down to the floor, and continue to deliberately press down on the foot of the affected leg.


I have gotten calf and foot cramps since I was a kid....always while asleep. It wakes me straight up and I do put pressure on the foot. Yes, that works but as soon as I lay down again, the cramp starts again. I noticed that they were more frequent when I hadn't eaten bananas in awhile. Now that I am taking diuretics, the pain in calves and feet are more frequent, almost nightly, (Diuretics lowers the potassium?) and now my hand also cramps. I remember the ear lobe trick worked on me last year, but had forgotten the exact way to do it. Went looking for the method again tonight. You all have some good ideas for me to try, tho, like the pickle juice. I saw one on another site that said diluted apple cider vinegar and honey mixed would do it, too.


My mum uses avon dry oil body spray it works for her leg cramps she swears by it.nothing else works for her.for a couple of quid its worth a try !


yes I have and it work but I wish I could stop them befor they come they are bad and wake me up out good sleep grrrr

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