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Duct tape began to work for me, but only after I began using salicyclic acid on the area before taping. That left the skin all over my sole peeling so I went to the doctor and he cut out two of them (ouch). That put me off work for a week , but the other nine were still there. (Oh yeah, don't procrastinate when it comes to plantar warts, they spread rapidly)
Then I found 'DuoForte 27 Gel' at the drugstore ($18). Put it directly on top of the wart after you get out of the shower/tub. When it dries, it forms a hard 'skin' over the wart so it doesn't rub off like creams often will. The next day you soak your foot/feet and file down what you can of the head of the wart (remove the hard skin surrounding them as well, my sister is a nurse and she told me to keep picking at them). This stuff worked like magic for me. It was only a matter of days...yes, days when the warts began to die. You'll know the end is near when they form a dark red to black dot. Then it's just a matter of time before it falls off with a little circle of skin surrounding it. The doctor tried freezing the others I had but it didn't do anything for me. I had previously used 2 cans of the drugstore freeze remedy ($20 each)...not a thing.
The big thing I found with my warts is, don't be afraid to file them or clip the skin down as far as you can. Just short of making them bleed was good for me.

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