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Ari Dubov

The only thing that really works to whiten teeth is in office laser whitening, such as zoom or britesmile, any thing else has limited results. I had a chance review many dental as well as other products and found that only light assited bleaching works fast and with good results.

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but the whole point of this website is easy and affordable ways to whiten your teeth.


If you read the zoom package, the active ingredient concentrated hydrogen peroxide. It's 25%, the stuff you find in the store is 3%.


I'll bet Ari is a dentist.I can't afford in office whitening. Thus, 'home remedies' for whiter teeth.


so if we all had the money to get that done we would, but we dont so thats why we are all looking for cheap easy ways to get our teeth whiter!


in office whitening is not natural! there are many other natural ways to whiten teeth.


Home Remedies, Natural Remedies, not dentist recommendations!

I <3 micro

I just tried (LED) light-assisted whitening and it worked OK, but
1.) Yes, it IS pretty artificial and full of chemicals.
2.) They use a type of hydrogen peroxide (with an extra oxygen molecule). I don't know the concentration.
3.) Since I had to sit with it in my mouth for 15 mins while laying back in a chair, I know I swallowed a little bit of it even though I tried not to and it was REALLY gross, like I couldn't wait for the treatment to be over and wasn't sure if I could handle trying it again.
4.) I did get a few shades lighter, for sure and I didn't get any sensitivity, but I really don't think it was worth $150! I didn't opt for the extra strength bleacher but I bet if I did it would have worked better but it probably would have been even worse, chemically.

I would love to see more natural/safe products (and concentrations) used with LED light and full-mouth trays (so that you could do an impression of your mouth and the stuff gets between your teeth a little bit)with kits that you could use at home. Remember that you need to protect your eyes from that level of light, though!

The good thing is, they did have me put vitamin e on my gums to protect them a little, so I would advise doing that if anyone uses trays at home or bleaching agents like peroxide. Also, vitamin e is an antioxidant and hydrogen peroxide reacts with our enzymes to produce free oxygen molecules (that's why you see bubbles -- enzymes break it down to create oxygen and water as byproducts, then our cells use that oxygen). This free oxygen is actually a 'free-radical' (which bonds with lots of stuff and kills bacteria that cannot live in/metabolize it)--that's actually why peroxide works at all for de-germing and that's also why you don't want to use it in strong concentrations or swallow tons of it. The light works in much the same way--most bacteria can't tolerate that light level but it doesn't harm us--they are relatively fragile one-celled organisms and don't have a lot of ability to repair light-induced UV damage.

NOTE: some bacteria can exist very well in varying levels of oxygen, otherwise we wouldn't have things like MRSA. But even we can't exist on pure oxygen. If you breathe in a lot of free oxygen all the time (like in those trendy oxygen bars) you can get brain damage from an excess of free radicals that the body can't use/metabolize fast enough.

I know this answer is long, but it contains a least a little real science. I just took some mircrobiology.

If anyone knows of good home LED kits, please post. Thanks.


yeah, just about EVERYBODY has a lazer whitner in their house. (SARCASM) in case you didnt know cause by your way of whitening your teeth you sound like a rich snob!


My dentist (who also lectured at a London hospital) used to lecture me on the reasons NOT to have laser whitening. To whiten the teeth, the hydrogen peroxide has to honeycomb through the enamel to the dentine (which whitens the teeth). The concentrations of hydrogen peroxide used mean that even after rinsing not all of it can be removed,the peroxide keeps working into the teeth. The end result may be nice white teeth now, but damaged 'honeycombed' teeth in the future. Who knows what the true effects will be in 10 years time.

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