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Tea tree shampoo may smell funny but it helps to repel lice. If you don't have the money to buy tea tree shampoo all the time, you can buy tea tree oil and put a few drops in your(or your child's) shampoo.

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Yes Tea tree is AWESOME!! Once I started adding it to my many mixtures, I found that it does wonders. If some are scared that it can be harmful...I also did a Google search and found this place that ALSO has T tree air freshner. It is consentrated so it goes along way. . .Melaleuca !)


I used tea tree shampoo & conditioner when I discovered I had a bad lice infestation because I hoped it would kill lice. Apparently it repels them really well but won't do anything for an existing infestation. For bad itchiness I put Suave coconut conditioner on my hair overnight wrapped in a towel (or shower cap). You can dampen hair first or put on dry hair.


My child just got lice and we've been using nothing BUT tea tree oil shampoo & conditioner for years.

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