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Debbie Thompson

This works like a charm...

Heat milk to the point just before it boils (frothy on top) then add 1 teaspoon of vanilla extract and 1 level tsp of sugar and sprinkle cinnimon on top stir very well and drink while hot. You'll be out in no more than 15-20 minutes.

The heating directions are crucial to activating the natural sedative in milk; the rest is just for flavoring.

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Okay so it's 2 45 am....I've already taken clonazepam, promethazine, and here goes nothing...I just made the conconction....I'll get back to you on how it works! ;-) THanks for the post


.....All that did was give me diahreah


i couldnt sleep so i resorted to the internet for a solution i found this and made the concoction except added a lil bit of honey and now i can barely hold my eyes open! this works awesome!!


I'm gonna take a guess and say that the diarrhea was caused not by the milk, but by all the OTHER crap you put into your system...

I heated the milk as directed, but put in brown sugar instead of white, just a dash of vanilla, and no cinnamon...delicious.

Went upstairs to sleep, lay down, and was knocked out within 10 min (after being wide awake and unable to sleep for about two hours).

I could feel a significant difference in the amount my brain was jumping around from when I couldn't sleep to after I'd drunk the milk.

I'll be using this again.


Also...I'm surprised you didn't accidentally kill yourself, mixing THAT many sleeping meds is just asking for disaster. You're lucky all you got was diarrhea.


well im about to try it! hope it works.. it smells really good tho!


this works for me EVERY time! thanks for the recipe. i normally don't like milk just plain, so i'm sure i was calcium deficient, but this helps the milk taste good, and plus i've been able to get to sleep so easily now, yay!


I did try this, it tasted really good but it didn't work for me. I laid in bed for 2 hours before I finally fell asleep... it worked for my boyfriend though so I guess it just depends on the person. Thanks for the tip anyways


this has worked for me occasionally. I just do the warm milk and sugar. BEWARE: I only use this method in the winter, because it may cause nausea in the summer.


im rly baking on this. my mind goes all crazy and jumpy at night and i cannot fall asleep no matter how much i work out or dont nap during the day lol
thanks so much for the recipe

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