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Debbie Thompson

I have 30 welders that work for me and anytime any of them have had welders flash this has proven to work in every case.
Put slices of Potato over your eyes, lay back and relax. Burning & pain should be gone or reduced to a tollerable level dependening on the severity. You can repeat as often as you like until all of the buring & scratching pain is completely gone.

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I found that the best thing to use is 100\\% Aloe Vera. It works fast on any burn. From hot sinders from welding to sun burns.

Put it on right away and it will stop the burning in minutes and keep putting it on for a few hours.

For flash burns you can rub it on you eye lids and face, it soaks in and you can reapply as often as you want to. You can carry a little bottle of it in you tool box or your pocket. Works on all burns and has a heeling affect. You can get it in most stores. I get the pure 100\\% Aloe Vera gel with no color added.

The next morning the burning will be gone. If you start putting it on right away you won’t even have a blister in the morning. Works good and fast and you don’t have to lay down to keep it on.


I have a rare cornea disease called “FILAMENTARY KERTATITUS”

I’ve had welders eye before and this is exactly how to describe the disease.

No cure as of yet. Mean while to help between flare ups . I only use an eye drop without preservatives.

Sustain for an example is a one time use in a tiny tube. I do cheat a bit and put a few drops throughout the day,

Seems like such a waste to use a few drops and throw out the rest. So I prop the tube up in a shot glass.

Throw the tube out that night or sooner if used up.

What also helps is keep the box of tubes in the refrigerator. The cool drops provide relief.

Rinse out a face cloth with hot water and place on ur eyes. This helps the tear glands which are located in your eye lids.

Helps with lubricateing your cornea.

Dont wear cheap sun glasses. They can cause more damage then good.

The cheap ones may look cool on ur face, but they will burn ur cornea.

Make sure they have wrapped around sides.

If the pain has just occurred and your climbing the walls, use an ice pack.

The hot cloth is better for lubricating, but the ice will give u some relief until u start properly lubricating.

Remember the ice is only a quick pain fix.

Remember to rinse that hot cloth thoroughly as it may have traces of laundry soap or fabric softener.

I hope this helps somewhat.

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