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Debbie Thompson

I have 30 welders that work for me and anytime any of them have had welders flash this has proven to work in every case.
Put slices of Potato over your eyes, lay back and relax. Burning & pain should be gone or reduced to a tollerable level dependening on the severity. You can repeat as often as you like until all of the buring & scratching pain is completely gone.

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I found that the best thing to use is 100\\% Aloe Vera. It works fast on any burn. From hot sinders from welding to sun burns.

Put it on right away and it will stop the burning in minutes and keep putting it on for a few hours.

For flash burns you can rub it on you eye lids and face, it soaks in and you can reapply as often as you want to. You can carry a little bottle of it in you tool box or your pocket. Works on all burns and has a heeling affect. You can get it in most stores. I get the pure 100\\% Aloe Vera gel with no color added.

The next morning the burning will be gone. If you start putting it on right away you won’t even have a blister in the morning. Works good and fast and you don’t have to lay down to keep it on.

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