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Debbie Thompson

I have 30 welders that work for me and anytime any of them have had welders flash this has proven to work in every case.
Put slices of Potato over your eyes, lay back and relax. Burning & pain should be gone or reduced to a tollerable level dependening on the severity. You can repeat as often as you like until all of the buring & scratching pain is completely gone.

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Lloyd Hemmings

My eyes were burning real bad yesterday. I first sooth my eyes with cold water for a few minutes. Then i used teabags for about five hours to calm the irritation. Took them off when they were getting dry and was able to get some rest. Didn't get to try potatoes. Teabags helped along with damped cold cloth. Don't look at the pretty light.


Donr sleep just open your eyes


Shit, just take the pain goes away soon


I have tried the patato s but the really don't seam to work for me but what I do because it happens to me right before bed I take some tynola pm that knocks me out And don't even fell the pain


What about when I'm slicing the potato?? Can I open my eyes????


This sounds crazy but Tobasco sauce is the KEY!! I've been a welder for years and this works for me Every time!! Pains almost instantly gone.


How long leave potatoes on eyes


Believe it or not!!!!! Vicks vapor rub on your eye lids. It burns a little at first, but soothes it instantly.

I used it all day yesterday & coated my eye lids before bed. No pain at all this morning.

If you have had your eyes burnt, you will try anything. It's like having sand in your eyes.

This worked for me.


What kind of ointment do you use on burned eyes


I've been welding twenty years. Usually potatoes and rest in a dimly lit room ate the best you can do. The problem with that is Misery,for hours. I just ttried marijuana! It actually works brilliantly! Give it a try. Just smoke enough till it's tolerable.

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