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Debbie Thompson

I have 30 welders that work for me and anytime any of them have had welders flash this has proven to work in every case.
Put slices of Potato over your eyes, lay back and relax. Burning & pain should be gone or reduced to a tollerable level dependening on the severity. You can repeat as often as you like until all of the buring & scratching pain is completely gone.

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Cucumbers work just slice them about quarter of a inch thick close eyes and rest them on eyelids take a couple of Tylenol pm and go to sleep also while cucumbers are on take cold rag and lay over face aloe also works for burn of the skin


I use to weld years ago for about 15 years. Whooo the first time i woke up with sandy eyes. Try vasoline directly in the eye a big gob, feels wierd but works fast and i got my sleep. I got the idea from when I had surgery once. they put it in my eyes to prevent them from drying out? It's not perfect but it worked for me, untill the surface eye cells were shed after 2 or 3 days


What if the flash has caused blisters on the eyes? Do these remedies still work?


To the person who mentioned the Vicks.. I think you might know my daddy!! Lol!! ;)


My son is in agony with welders flash stuck spuds on them and theve helped a bit.


I tried the teabags on my eyes as I just recently flashed them left em on all night and woke up in the morning with my eyes back to normal.


With egg whites u mean uncooked yeah


I scratched my eye now it's burning and painful .. is there anything I can do... the numbing eye drops worn off ... ugh best things ever



Walt b

Great idea.. A freshly sliced lemon works great. You forget all about welding..

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