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Debbie Thompson

I have 30 welders that work for me and anytime any of them have had welders flash this has proven to work in every case.
Put slices of Potato over your eyes, lay back and relax. Burning & pain should be gone or reduced to a tollerable level dependening on the severity. You can repeat as often as you like until all of the buring & scratching pain is completely gone.

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I've been a welder for years but since the auto darkening helmets came out I haven't burnt my eyes. I've tried the potatoes but nothing beats the ice packs on the eyes except going to the ER and the Dr. puts them drops in your eyes to numb them and when his back is turned swip the rest..


youve got that right, nothing seem s to work, but did the same thing. Swipe the rest when the docs gone.


The pain and discomfort of the Flash in insane, Potatoes Helped me deal with it that night.


The potato makes sense. I had welders flash once and I was told to put a teabag on them. Make the tea, squish out excess but leave it moist, let it cool just enuf where you can take it. As the teabag cools on your eyes it seems to draw the pain out. This also works for styes, if they are a problem for anyone out there.


put egg whites in your eyes, it draws the blisters and almost instantly relieves the pain


Those great numbing drops should only be used once. If you continue to use those your cornea will erode away and you will have to have a very painful and expensive cornea transplant. Thats why they are only to be used once. I work at an Eye Hospital trust me lol.


wet rag placed across ur eyes works great while laying down.


it sound crazy but put vicks vapor rub under your eyes like a football player does the black stuff..yeah your eyes will water a lot but it works the watering helps get the heat and pain out works within an hour or so i do it every time i get flash burn i keep a jar in my glove box in my truck and old timer welder told me about it


I can attest to the Vicks Vapor Rub. The first time I got it one of the elders told me the sandman was going to visit me, sure enough he haunted me. I put a thin layer on my eyelids, let me sleep about 2 hours and just reapplied went back to sleep. Take some Ibuprofen also. He also told me put these things on my night stand before I go to bed because the last thing you want to do is turn on a light.

michale martinez

Flash burns can occurred for many reasons most common is being a helper to somebody that welding. Reflection comes back underneath your hood, relflection from insalation from inside of a building, long, long countless hours of welding. So how do you tell if you have welders flash burns? the in of the day when everything done, you feel that burning in your eyes, its not intese but the burning is there and woe to the person that ignores this he or she goes to sleep. The burning sensation that you will wake up this its not compare to any other, your tears in your eyes will cake up. You would think somebody put red hot burners in your eyes and as far that itchy feeling, it feels like welding beads. The pain is truly intense, I tried tomatoes, patatoes, the only thing that really works that I found is a big bowl of ice water next to your bed peace an quiet and a wash cloths dip into the ice water. Place it on your eyes and try to relax the best that you can repeat as necessary.

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