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SAFE PEST CONTROL - Do you have trouble with ants but your afraid to use poison because of your pets. THEN DONT! Try putting out some cornmeal instead. They will take it to their nest to eat. Little do they know they can't digest it and will kill out their whole colony. Leaving your pet safe and your home chemical free.

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For ants I use baby powder. I dust a little where I see them and then dust a little between the stove and counter. I did this the beginning of spring when I first saw one and I haven't seen any since.


i have also used the baby powder it works as does wiping counters with a mix of water & pepermint oil ...they never came back and it smells gr8


Black pepper also works


Fresh, whole or powdered cloves work to repel ants. I found some sugar ants in my pantry and just threw some whole cloves in there and within a day the ants were gone!


YEast does the same as well.

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