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ANIMAL NUT HEATHER HERE - I have a trick up my sleeve for nearly anything and everything. Just to clear the air I have 6 dogs, 7 cats, 4 birds, and several fish...I've rescued, saved, and raised....skunks, possums, squirrels, foxes, and racoons from babies! Yelp this chic has been there and done that! Look for Tips from me: ANIMAL NUT HEATHER

Want to catch fleas running loose in your home....sure you've heard how to kill them in the carpet and on the here's you a flea trap!

Small white dish (they love white) a little water and a touch of dawn (deadly to them ya know) and place it under a night light....while you sleep they's like your own little flea zapper....I flipped the first time I used it. Figure out the worst area in your home and that's the BEST area to set your trap!

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I tried this and it didnt work at all. The best thing to get rid of fleas is to bathe your pets in flea shampoo then remove them from the house, take them to a friends or neighbors or to pesmart for a grooming, then while the dog is gone sprinkle flea powder (hartz or any brand for carpets) on the floor, let it sit for a bit, then vacuum it. After that spray your yard with flea treatment for yards. Go pick your pet up and bring them home to a flea free home. Repeat again in 1-2 weeks to take care of any eggs that may have been left behind.


The dishsoap isn't poison to fleas (or any other bugger)... What it does is break the surface tension on the water in the dish, so the critters can't get out. I don't know about fleas, but this is a great way to get rid of fruit flies.


I tried this and it worked!!! I combined knowledge from other sites and coated my floor (after vacuuming)with salt, then set the trap and went to bed, next morning, plate had about 25-30 pregnate and small fleas, vacummed the salt (it dries their exo-skeleton i guess) and repeated. after 3-4 days using this method and spraying ACV on myself or dog whenever we felt itchy and i won the battle!! TRY IT BUT BE PAITIENT ITS NOT A MIRACLE ITS LIFE....even the flea bombs and shampoo didnt work this good.

Vincent R Wynn

In our house we have something exactly like what is mentioned here and it works extremely well. We call it the swimming pool of death.


Green dish soap works wonders!! I rescued this little kitten from being thrown out onto 8mile. As soon as i had her in the car i saw she was COVERED in bugs!! Put her in the laundry tub bathed her 4 times in Palmal Green dish soap and not a single bug was left. Nore did any bugs spread to my other 2 kittens.

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